On the morning of June 24th, I woke up early to catch my train and the only thing that consumed my mind was the fact that in a couple of hours, I would be flying amidst the clouds high in the sky, somewhere over Danyang, essentially defying gravity. It was a 3 hour journey, but it didn’t feel that long…

Overcoming the Fears of Moving Abroad

If you’ve never lived abroad before, then taking the leap of faith can be quite intimidating. There are so many unknowns in the equation and so it’s natural to be fearful of even the slightest thought of moving abroad. I’ve broken down 8 of the most common fears, many of which I experienced for myself, and provided you with my take on how to overcome them. Hopefully this guide provides comfort amidst any anxiety.

Finding Seoul: Eternal Gratitude

As of now, it’s time to end this chapter of my life. While I’m saddened by the circumstances, I’m also filled with eternal gratitude for how far I got in this “Finding Seoul” quest. Sharing my story has been such a cathartic release for me, so I greatly appreciate everyone who has continued to follow along and all of the never-ending support and love I’ve received from family, friends, and strangers alike. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Why I’m Leaving Korea

It wasn’t an easy decision, but in the end I feel it’s the right choice. Click to read more about why I’m leaving and the thoughts that led to this decision.

Why I Moved to Korea and Why You Should Too

Nowadays it’s not uncommon to pack your bags and just go. It seems as if more and more people are catching on to the free-spirited movement. Here are the reasons why I ultimately chose to move to Korea and teach English. Perhaps it’ll help you as you assess your current situation and decide whether or not a move here is a good choice for you.

Modern yoga has gotten way out of hand, sorry not sorry.

It’s only picking up speed and I don’t foresee this craze slowing down anytime soon. Many individuals seem to be losing sight of yoga’s intrinsic core and their intent behind practicing. A picture is not worth a thousand words in this case, sorry not sorry.

Busan Travel Guide

Trying to plan the perfect vacation to Busan? Look no further. I’ve compiled a list of activities that fall under three categories: shopping, things to do, and relax & rejuvenate. I hope this helps!