Eating Meatless in a Meat Obsessed Society

It’s no joke that Koreans consume copious meat and seafood. Aside from rice, it’s almost guaranteed that the meal will somehow incorporate animal flesh. Here’s my guide on eating meatless in this type of environment and things you should remain aware of in order to maintain a healthy and balanced diet.

Finding Seoul: Two Worlds Collide

“In this moment all I could do was stare at my biological mother and father and see them only an arms length away from my mom and sister and soak in all of the glorious energy. And in this moment, I felt an unwavering strength as I basked in hope, acceptance, and love.”

5 Awe-Inspiring Documentaries to Jump-Start Your New Year

We all want to live with purpose, am I right? Well then take charge of your life! 2017 is waiting for us. It’s waiting for us to be at the forefront of the movements that mean the most to us. We can inspire positive change if we believe it can happen. Here are 5 inspiring documentaries to help get you started for the New Year.

Finding Seoul: The Reunion

For those interested in hearing about how the reunion went, I urge you to read this article. I apologize for not being able to write this sooner, but times have been busy and I needed to let it all sink in before outwardly sharing.

Welcome to My Vlog Channel | Seoul Land

Being a part of the EPIK e-Press team also means vlogging! After countless computer problems and facing numerous technological issues, I’ve finally been able to get this video edited and live on YouTube. Please excuse my unsteady camera hand, but most of all the poor quality! One of the technological issues had to do with conversions and formats and blah…

How to Alleviate Overwhelming Stress and Anxiety

As we go on with our daily lives, it’s normal to accumulate stress and anxiety. But what should we do when it becomes too overwhelming to manage? We must utilize strategies to help us cope. Whether it’s stress from EPIK deadlines, your job, or life itself, these 11 strategies are bound to help.